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Just a little about our products ...

Connected Parks provides an end-to-end solution for making playgrounds, parks and spaces a part of the modern smart city.

Our sensors go where cameras cannot

Our custom hardware is designed to be unobtrusively deployed onto furniture and play equipment throughout parks and public spaces. Our robust and adaptable sensing hardware designs with a variety of embodiments suit deployment in typical park furniture and equipment. The Connected Parks sensors then monitor usage of the relevant facility or play equipment and transmit it wirelessly to the Connected Parks Analytics Platform. Our hardware is designed to conserve power by only activating sensors and radios when absolutely necessary.

Comprehensive Analytics Platform for fine-grained analysis

Our Connected Parks dashboard provides a complete solution for monitoring activity data across the entire network of public spaces in real time. It enables rapid comparison of sensor data collected within different time periods, or comparison of the usage fingerprints of different spaces, as well as determining usage patterns of public infrastructure to support future investment decisions. Connected Parks dashboard also allows actioning nefarious park activities as well as predictive maintenance of park and play equipment to support councils better manage pubic spaces and provide a better experience to the public.

Find activated spaces with our mobile app

Our Connected Parks app allows members of the public to easily discover public spaces near them. In particular they can explore spaces that are well or underutilised in real-time to suit their needs. Connected Parks app provides location and usage data for each public space. Connected Parks app also allows children to find their favourite play equipment; check how busy parks are and finds parks with, potentially, children of a similar age to play with. This can help families to connect with other families and children to connect with other children and create a better experience for all.


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Here's a little look at our journey so far ...

  • 2011-2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Eric and Alex met while studying at the University of Adelaide. They both studied under Dr. Ranasinghe during this period and spent time working in the globally recognized Auto-ID Lab at the University.

  • Nov 2015

    IOT Challenge

    The three came together and formed a team, participating in the inaugural Telstra and City of Melbourne IOT challenge for Smart Cities. In the week long challenge, the team was tasked with solving a real problem for the City of Melbourne built upon Telstra new 5G low-power networking technology. The team created the concept for Connected Parks. They designed and implemented a prototype hardware and packaging of the sensor and a flexible sensor data analytics platform for harnessing the power of open data initiatives together with our low cost, low power sensors to realise ConnectedParks during the challenge. The idea went on to become the Grand Prize Winner of the challenge Watch the video here

  • Early 2016

    Commercialising & Development

    Connected Parks has evolved from an idea into a product, and discussions with potential partners begin, with the intention of conducting a long-term pilot rollout to select parks in order to further refine the platform.

  • Beyond

    Phase Two Expansion

    Connected Parks will continue to grow its products and services, and continually roll out our platform to new cities and towns all over Australia, and internationally.

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The Team

Alessandro (Alex) Scarpantoni

Software Engineer

Dr. Damith Ranasinghe

Electronic & Software Engineer

Erfan (Eric) Raygan

Software Engineer

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